“C'est Dieu qui créa l'eau. Mais l'homme fit le vin” (Victor Hugo)

Cal Lluís offers to its customers a wide range of exclusive and selected wines. Catalan wines, specially from the Penedès region, enjoy a preferential treatment.

It is remarkable that Cal Lluís tries to choose only the winemakers who are able to express through their wines the soul of the land where they come from. Our passion is working to preserve this wines in the best conditions until they can be served.

At Cal Lluís, all our wines are served in Riedel glasses, considered the best by professionals. "The content determines the form. Riedel makes the most perfect glasses, both for technical and sensitive reasons. These glasses deeply influence fine wines. It is needless to say now important they are”, wrote Mr.Robert M. Parker Jr at The Wine Advocate. Riedel glasses are the only ones that have the ability to translate the sensuality and expressiveness of each type of wine. For this reason we have selected them.

The offer of spirits comprises products already known by our grandparents, as well as the more recent beverages: from a Manelic anise or a Chartreuse, to a Marc of Cava or a distilled d’Alisier.

Ratafia is the most traditional liquor of Catalonia. It was already popular during the XVII century and its preparation is a secret that has passed from parents to children in many villages. Although its importance has decreased and the making process has been nearly lost, efforts are being made in order to recover the consumption of ratafia. Cal Lluís tries to contribute with the elaboration of its own ratafia.

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