At the kitchen without a stove of Cal Lluís we work in order to provide our friends and clients with a wide range of culinary pleasures. Ham and Iberian cured meats, different types of cheeses from several regions, fondues, raclettes, salads, pâtés and pickled food, everything accompanied by an outstanding bread baked in a wood oven and ended with homemade desserts, ice creams or chocolate, everything conforms the accurate offer of the house. An extensive selection of coffees and teas help to enjoy the taste of time at Cal Lluís.

Bread is a staple of the Mediterranean culture that has gained importance on the table as a result of the revalorization of traditional gastronomy. Like any other food product, its quality depends on the raw materials used – like the flour – and on the making process. Factors such as the water and cooking method (wood oven) give the bread a special flavour and texture and help to highlight its ingredients.

Cal Lluís selects the best bread for preparing the famous bread with tomato, possibly the most popular, simple and tasty dish of the Catalan cuisine.

Although one might think that bread with tomato has always been cooked by Catalan people, it is actually a very recent preparation that has become a referent. In fact, it could be considered a "poor-people food", like the xató salad, the scalded soup or the coca de recapta.

Obviously, if tomato arrived in Catalonia thanks to the Spanish conquerors of America in the XV century, the use of this vegetable in the kitchen becomes popular at some point in between the XVI and the XIX century. The Spanish journalist and gastronome Néstor Luján, in an article (El manido pan con tomate) published in La Vanguardia on June 19th, 1984, stated that the first reference on Catalan bread with tomato was in 1884. "I do not think the bread with tomato, invented by our farmers to soften the crusts of dry bread during summer and take advantage of the abundance of tomatoes at a particular time of the harvest, has remote origins. In gastronomy, there are things that seem very old and are not in any way. The tomato in the kitchen is relatively recent", wrote Luján.


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