Permanent tribute to cinema with a projector Ossa VI from the 1940’s.

Cal Lluís cinema began its film sessions in Sant Martí Sarroca just after the end of the Spanish Civil War, thank to the entrepreneurial action of Lluís Gili Vallès. 

The exhibition constitute a humble homage to cinema and what it has represented running a stable projection room in Sant Martí Sarroca for 40 years.

Flying towards Rio de Janeiro and The Lonesome traveler opened the film sessions at Cal Lluís on November 1st, 1939, just eight months after the end of the Civil War. With the movie The Last Tango in Madrid and Miércoles de Ceniza, the room ended its projections definitively on March 25th, 1979.

In Cal Lluís you will find characteristic elements of the film history. In addition to a large projector Ossa VI, original posters, programs and other treasures that have contributed to the impact of this art are exposed. The exhibition was conceived in 1995, coinciding with the centenary of the invention of cinema.


Restaurant Cal Lluis 1887
T. 938 991 001


Carrer de la Font 34
08731 Sant Martí Sarroca

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