Cal Lluís is a familiar-owned business located at the heart of the Penedès region, whose origins go back to the end of the XIX century. It was founded in 1887 in one of the oldest streets of Sant Martí Sarroca and it still keeps an authentic atmosphere, both rustic and classic.

Friends and visitors of Cal Lluís find in this restaurant a kitchen without a stove that offers a wide selection of exclusive dishes based on Iberian cured meats, cheeses, fondues, pâtés, pickled food ... accompanied by the authentic Catalan bread with tomato. A wide variety of delicious desserts, sorbets and ice creams, as well as a careful selection of wines – with a special place for the Penedès region –, coffees, teas and spirits complete the experience.

Cal Lluís also offers an expression of visual arts in the temporary exhibitions that dress the walls of the establishment, and you can make a retrospective journey to the world of cinema through the exposition conceived as a permanent tribute to the ancient past of the 7th art, one of the activities performed by the house for 40 years.


Restaurant Cal Lluis 1887
T. 938 991 001


Carrer de la Font 34
08731 Sant Martí Sarroca

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